An Early Clue to the New Direction

1966, 16mm, b&w, sound, 28:00 min

realized by:
Andrew Meyer

  • Credits: Music by the Unidentified Flying Objects.
  • Awards: Ann Arbor Film Festival, First Prize, 1967.
  • Shown: International Festival of Short Films, London; Film Theatre, 1968. In the collection of the British Film Institute.

Joy Bang, Prescott Townsend, Rene Ricard

available copies:
Canyon Cinema Inc.:
16mm, 24fps, sound optical track
available for rent

synopsis: Canyon Cinema catalog 1992
"The grand prize...went to Andrew Meyer's black-and-white AN EARLY CLUE TO THE NEW DIRECTION, whose virtues had nothing to do with technical polish. Mr. Meyer's film hung on dialogue, cast and plot (of a kind), clearly moving in a new direction. Its central virtue was nothing less than a superb performance by an old man, Prescott Townsend, playing a Boston rogue long past his time, who charms a young girl with his 'snowflake theory.'" --Douglas M. Davis, National Observer

"Afterward, one felt that Andrew Meyer had opened a new world for 16mm cinema, one in which many kinds of excuses no longer need to be made. AN EARLY CLUE TO THE NEW DIRECTION -- apt title -- his most recent film, is unexpected, glorious, and indescribably moving, and I can't forget it." --James Stoller, Village Voice

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