Permian Strata

USA 1969, 16mm, b&w, sound, 4:00 min

realized by:
Bruce Conner


Robert Zimmerman

available copies:
Canyon Cinema Inc.:
16mm, 24fps, sound optical track
available for rent
  • Available for rental in group packages only. Ask for further information

synopsis: Canyon Cinema catalog 1992
"Because film is a medium that trades in gradations of light and
dark, Conner often interjects clear frames or flash frames -- the
degeneration of the image into pure cinematic information. The
'hero' of PERMIAN STRATA, like modern man habituated to visual
media, must respond to truth, not as 'the word,' but as LIGHT. A
biblical tyrant is confronted with the truth and finds that he
can't handle it.

"The style of STRATA marks a departure from Conner's earlier
collage forms. Conner chooses the significant footage from the
found film and simply sets it off against the music. There's no
cutting between the scenes." --Judd Chesler

"Scientists know that occasional interludes of violence overtook
the earth. One such time of crisis was the Permian Age."
--Leonard Engel, The Sea

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