Koen Theys

Koen Theys

Born in 1963, Brussels, Belgium.

When Koen Theys is expelled from art school because of his tape 'Crime 01', the registration of a performance in which Theys dismembers a German shepherd, he considers this work straightaway as his first official work of art, his first ‘crime’. Theys continues his art training in film school. During his studies he makes several internationally acclaimed tapes, such as 'Diana' (1984), 'Rinegold' (1989) and 'Walkure' (1989) in collaboration with his brother Frank). Throughout his practice as a video artist he develops a language which consists in adding emotional, intuitive or intellectual connotations to elementary images, which are continuously combined in different ways so that a narrative structure arises. Theys later abandons video and takes up plastic arts again, making rubber mouldings and photomontages. One of his main concerns as a visual artist is a continual study for the possibilities concerning the ways of representation and reception. For some time now he uses software to create his photomontages and installations. In more recent works he submits the city and the architectural environment to continue his analysis of interpretation and representation. His strategy is one of constructing architectonic images from photographs, rather than photographing architecture. The photograph itself is manipulated so that its image helps to give space to the spaces they describe. These works can be considered as a synthesis of both his sculptural work and videotapes.

Lied van mijn Land (realization)
Crime 01 (realization)
Sleepless Night (realization)

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